Friday, 19 January 2018

Even more videos!!!

And finally the last 8 videos that I've edited.  There are still two from 2017 and one from this year to post so they should be ready by about November.  Enjoy:

1-3 v Flaccas and Fatboys, Saturday 16th September
1-2 v Southbank Cuaco, Thursday 21st September
9-0 v Seymour Villas Vets, Thursday 28th September
0-4 v West Wickham Musicians, Thursday 12th October
3-2 v Mott McDonald, Thursday 26th October
10-1 v Seymour Villas Vets, Thursday 9th November
3-4 v Boca Seniors, Thursday 16th November
2-4 v Lokomotiv, Thursday 23rd November

Monday, 15 January 2018

More videos!!!

You are a lucky lot, here are 12 more videos for your delectation including 5 thrashings and 4 of the 5 club record wins on the bounce  Either check out the Accies YouTube site or click on the following links:

1v 4 Oldsmiths, Thursday 4th May
1 v 8 Philadelphia Allstars, Thursday 11th May
0 v 7 Wanderers, Thursday 25th May
5 v 2 Grafton Strollers, Thursday 1st June
2 v 7 Beaujolais Funboys, Thursday 8th June
4 v 3 CP&DSV, Thursday 22nd June
4 v 2 Friends XI, Thursday 6th July
5 v 0 Crown Agents, Thursday 20th July
3 v 2 Catford Wanderers Vets, Thurs 27th July
2 v 12 Wanderers, Thursday 17th August
3 v 8 Oldsmiths FC, Thursday 24th August
1 v 3 Southbank Cuaco, Thursday 31st August

Enjoy.  9 more to follow...

Sunday, 14 January 2018



Here are the links for the first six videos from 2017 (or go to the Accies YouTube site) including the two games in Spain and the 6-6 draw v Grafton Strollers.  The rest (21 more) will be posted this week.  Remember I am only the editor.  For some games, the videos are very short as hardly any footage was shot.  For others, the camera work leaves a lot to be desired.  You can polish a turd but it'll still be turd 😉  Enjoy.

Thursday 23rd March v CP&DSV 1-1
Thursday 30th March v Southbank Cuaco 2-6
Thursday 6th April v Grafton Strollers 6-6
Thursday 20th April v West Wickham Musicians 3-3
Saturday 29th April v The Undateables 0-7
Saturday 29th April v Partaloa 2-3

Friday, 10 November 2017

Curse Broken!

2 Nov: played oppo from Tonbridge.  9 Nov: won our next match!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Statattack: The Curse Of The Tonbridge Oppo

Our win last Thursday brought an end to a 12-match winless streak, which included 6 successive defeats. But I wasn't surprised, because I've seen this before...

We have played Tonbridge-based opposition 4 times, and have won all 4 matches, mostly by a handsome margin.  But we've never won our next match.  And three times out of four, we have gone on a winless streak - on one occasion, an unwanted record bad run.

On 24 February 2008, the Accies travelled to Tunbridge Wells to play Dads Army, an 11-a-side team cobbled together from a group of Tonbridge dads who played 5-a-side once a month.  My 37th birthday two days earlier and the opportunity to watch the Spurs vs Chelsea League Cup Final after the match were the nominal reasons for the away day. Effra duly thrashed the Dads 9-0, but it wasn't until 11 September 2008 that we next tasted victory.  We suffered 8 defeats, then 2 draws, then a club record TEN defeats in a row after that 9-0 win.  A club record 20 games without a win in total.

Dads Army effectively became Longmead Tuesday, with the Tonbridge side now an amalgamation of a group of weekly 5-a-side players.  Longmead Tuesday have actually won an 11-a-side match at CPNSC - they beat Southside 1-0 in either 2009 or 2010.  But their first game against Effra in London resulted in our biggest ever victory margin: 13-1.  Naturally, the Accies lost our next game.  Albeit on this occasion the curse only lasted one match: we won our next 4 games.  So the Tonbridge curse had an off-year by its usual standards.

Last year we beat Longmead Tuesday 3-2 in a thrilling encounter and the curse re-established itself: we lost our next 4 games in a row.  And this year, as stated above, the curse once again took a depressing stranglehold.  Fortunately we played a blinder against Grafton Strollers last week to banish the curse...  Until the next time?

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Theatre Of Dreams!

Great photo of the Theatre Of Dreams by Accies founder member Chris Osborne 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Videos galore!!

Here are the latest set of videos stretching back to September 2016 and taking in Dan's four goals v Grafton Strollers, our game in Rotterdam, the 3-15 shlacking against Southbank, Sam's goal of 2016 v Sporting Falcons, the 11-0 win against Grafton Strollers, which included two hatricks courtsey of Steve Rudd and Dan Ogoun, games against new oppo and the crazy game in the snow right up to February this year.

Enjoy at the Accies youtube site or click on the following links:

v Grafton Strollers, 29th September 2016

v Flaccas and Fatboys, 8th October 2016

v Sporting Falcons, 13th October 2016

v Southbank Cuaco (if you dare), 20th October 2016

v Mott McDonald, 27th October 2016

v Atkins FC, 3rd November 2016

v CP&DSV, 24th November 2016

v Grafton Strollers, 15th December 2016

v Oldsmiths FC, 22nd December 2016

v Wanderers, 12th January 2016

v Friends XI, 19th January 2016

 v Groundhoppers, 2nd February 2016

v Mott McDonald, 9th February 2016

Plus a bonus video of Bregje's set at Man Down on 27th November 2016:

Friday, 3 March 2017

Return Of Statattack!

At long last the 2017 Results; Golden Boot 2017; and all-time Accies 11-a-side stats have been updated (you'll find them on the right-hand side of the blog, although if you're reading this post on a mobile device you'll need to scroll down and click on 'View web version').  Here are some statistical highlights:

The race for this year's Golden Boot is in the early stages, of course, and last year's record breaking winner Dan Ogoun, sadly out injured, has watched patiently from the sidelines over the past few weeks as Scott Greenwell and Simon Mesner give him a target to aim for when he's back playing.  Simon already has more goals in 2017 than he scored in the whole of 2016 - the result of tireless practice behind the scenes, as well as an extended run of games up front, rather than at centre back.  Scott celebrated his return to the Accies match squad with a sublime hat-trick, instantly catapulting himself into the box seat in the Golden Boot ranks for this year.

In the all-time stats, last night's win vs Longmead Tuesday means we have successfully delayed an unwanted  stat: our 300th 11-a-side defeat.  Hopefully we can keep that one at bay for a few more weeks!

Looking at the all-time 11-a-side scorers list, Simon Mesner's decent form in front of goal (seven goals in his last nine appearances) has returned him to the top 3, ahead of Perre Heath, during which time Simon also netted his 100th 11-a-side goal for the club, becoming only the fourth player to reach that milestone.  At the other end of that list, Nicky Holtham's debut goal last night - he's the 82nd person to score an 11-a-side goal for the club - sees him becoming the latest player in joint 60th place.  Fellow triallist Paddy McKeown is just above Nicky on 2 goals, drawing level with 'quality not quantity' scorers such as Luke Fallon and Stuart Dade :-)

In the all-time appearances list, Stuart Dade is edging closer to his 400th 11-a-side game for the club, while Luke Fallon has moved above Luis Sandoval into fifth spot, and has Steve Spurdens in fourth firmly in his sights.  And Anthony Emery has broken back into the top 10, sitting level with Andy Thornes for the time being.  And at the bottom of the list, Paddy McKeown is the newest addition, having notched his fifth appearance for us last night.  Welcome, Paddy!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Thursday, 6 October 2016

International Weekend!

This is where the Accies will be playing on Saturday afternoon...!


Huge respect to our Dutch friends for organizing this - we are very much looking forward to every aspect of the weekend, but especially playing at this fantastic stadium! Stadion Woudestein - home of S.B.V. Excelsior.

Bedankt vrienden!

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Videos galore!

Yes, at last I have caught up from March this year.  14 videos for your delectation in the usual place including an Andy Judd far post finish, a Dean Marney overhead kick, an Andrew Dade back post volley, a Cruyff turn assist, 2-10 and 1-9 hammerings as well as a 7-3 win, world class saves and at least one clean sheet.


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Team Vs Mott McDonald 22.09.16

Montell Barry Lee Stuart
Scott Sam Pasch Charlie
Simon Dean
Subs- Steve (Charlie), Andy J (Scott), Dan (Dean)

Montell Barry Lee Charlie
Scott Andy J Pasch Steve
Dan Dean
Subs- Stuart (Montell) Charlie R/B Stuart L/B, Simon (Barry), Sam (Pasch)

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Revised team against FOB FC- 11/8/16

Here's the revised team for tomorrow against FOB FC. as Atkins have pulled out-

Montell Lee Barry Phil A
Simon Pasch Tremayne Charlie
Dean Dan
Subs- Stuart (Phil A) Scott (Dan) Luke 

Barry Lee Luke Stuart
Scott Pasch Phil A Charlie
Simon Dan 
Subs- Dean (Simon) Montell (Barry) Tremayne (Pasch)

Remember we are playing on the astro turf.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Grafton Strollers 28/7/16

There is high availability for tomorrow's game so we have 3 players on stand by which I have listed according to who will get to play, if there are any drop outs, below the team-

Andrew D Lee Luke Phil A
Dan Jose Tremayne Steve
Sam Simon
Subs- Stuart (Phil A), Scott (Simon), Barry (Luke)

Barry Luke Lee Stuart
Scott Phil A Tremayne Steve
Sam Simon
Subs- Andrew D (Lee) Andrew D R/B Barry C/H, Jose (Tremayne), Dan (Steve) Dan C/F Simon L/M

Stand by-
1. Charlie. 2. Pasch 3. Dean

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mott McDonald 22/7/16

Here's the team for tomorrow-

Montell Cosmos Simon Stuart
Scott Jose Pasch Tremayne
Dan Sam
Subs- Luke (Cosmos), Steve (Tremayne)

Montell Luke Simon Anthony
Tremayne Jose Pasch Steve
Dan Sam
Subs- Scott (Tremayne), Stuart (Anthony)

Luke and Steve are turning up late hence the reappearance of my good self and Cosmos on the team sheet from the start.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

CP&DSV- 14/7/16

Here's the runners and riders for tomorrow-

Andrew D.  Lee. Andy J. Phil A
Charlie Pasch Sam Steve
Simon Dan
Subs-  Jose (Pasch), Scott (Charlie), Stuart (Phil A)

Andrew D Phil A Lee Stuart
Scott Jose Pasch Charlie
Sam Dan
Subs- Andy J (Lee), Steve (Andrew D), Simon (Dan)

Stand by- Montell, Barry, Tremayne

Last week the management team agreed that we would have a squad of 14 for each game. Therefore I would like to explain the rationale behind who is on standby and who is playing this week.
Put simply I have looked at who attended the club socials recently and picked them automatically. The only exception to this is Andy J who is playing, then Montell is on standby based on having the next best attendance, then Barry.
I would encourage everybody to turn up and watch and if anybody drops out then the stand by order applies.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Southbank Cuaco 30/6/16

Juat about recovered from last week's defeat but I guess I haven't had the double whammy of that game plus England's loss, that most of you have had.

Anyway here's the team with the changes

Andrew D. Luke Barry  Stuart
Andy J Pasch Sam Montell
Simon Dean
Subs - Dan (Dean), Steve (Montell), Charlie (Stuart), Scott, Cosmos

Montell Simon Barry Stuart
Scott Sam Pasch Steve
Dan Dean
Subs- Luke (Barry), Andrew D (Montell), Andy J (Sam), Charlie (Pasch), Anthony (Simon)

Last week was a tough one to take and I have tried to avoid the mistakes I felt that I made at the end of the game last Thursday.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Beaujolais Fun Boys 23/6/16

Tomorrow's team is below-

Andy D. Lee Barry. Charlie
Andy J.  Jose Sam. Steve
Simon Dan
Subs- Phil A (Barry) Montell (Andy D) Pasch Scott

Andy D Barry Phil A  Montell
Andy J Pasch Jose Steve
Scott Sam
Subs- Dan (Sam), Simon (Andy J), Charlie (Steve), Lee (Jose) Phil A CM Lee CH

Bounce-back-ability from two weeks ago must be our priority tomorrow. 100% effort and leaving everything out there please. Together with our effective short passing and moving should see us through.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Does this count as a post-match pub attendance stat?

Here's a lovely pic of Andy "He Always Starts" Dade in the Grape & Grain last night after the game. Or is it…?

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sporting Falcons 9/6/16

The team with the changes is to be found below-

Andrew D Lee Barry Stuart
Andy J Pasch Jose  Montell 
Simon Dan
Subs- Luke (Barry), Dean (Dan), Cosmos (Pasch), Scott

Barry Lee Luke Anthony 
Scott Pasch Jose Andy J 
Dean Dan 
Subs- Andrew D (Jose), Montell (Lee) Barry CH Montell RB, Stuart (Anthony), Simon (Andy J)

Just a heads up re Sam. He has decided not to play tomorrow.
We all hope you make a speedy recovery Sam.

Also Anthony and Cosmos will be sharing the goalkeeping tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

2/6/16 West Wickham Musicians

Apologies for the late posting of the team but I was watching the Euro '96 recap on BBC1. Hope this summer is half as exciting as that was (yes even as Scotsman who was at the infamous 2-0 loss to England....... in the ENGLAND end). It was some tournament and thanks to the team I was playing with at the time I went to a few games including the final.

Anyway back to the present...

Montell. Lee Luke Stuart
Andy J Sam Phil A Steve
Dan Dean
Subs- Simon (Steve) Barry (Luke) Charlie (Sam)
Stand-by- Scott

Barry Lee Luke Phil A
Andy J Sam Charlie Steve
Dan Simon
Subs-  Dean (Dan), Montell (Lee) Barry C/H Montell R/B, Stuart (Phil A)
Stand-by- Scott

I will be following on Stuart's Twitter feed so I will be on tender hooks just like 20 years ago.
Let's make it a hat trick of victories.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Atkins 26/5/16

The team for tomorrow's game is below-

Montell. Lee. Luke. Phil A
Andy J Pasch Sam Charlie
Simon Dan
Subs- Stuart (Phil A), Dean (Dan), Barry (Lee), Steve (Charlie)

Charlie Lee Luke Stuart
Andy J Phil A Pasch Steve
Dan Dean
Subs- Sam (Pasch), Simon (Andy J), Montell (Charlie), Barry (Luke)

In this system with 4 subs sometimes players have to play for 45 minutes which I am trying to rotate around the team. 
Last week this applied to Luke. I judged that people would rather play for that period of time rather than missing out. This week it applies to Charlie and Barry.
Also based on the last few week's experiences it has been useful to have an extra player to cover injuries and the 4th sub has enabled this to happen.
Please let me know if you have any thoughts.